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Philips Selects PamConsult Technology for Net TV eBay Channel

Software developer and publisher PamConsult pioneered third party software development for Skype, having provided the initial German translation of Skype and then launching the first Skype Extra, Pamela in 2005. Two weeks ago PamConsult released Pamela 4.5 for which a review is forthcoming. Their PamFax offering won accolades as the 2007 Skype Partner mashup competition. […]

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eComm 2009 Podcast: Voxeo CEO Jonathan Taylor – The Origins and Near-Future of Voxeo

Breaking News: Voxeo CEO Jonathan Taylor is to make a significant announcement at eComm 2009. Click on the eComm logo below to register. When Dan York had to find a new employer in the fall of 2007, he kept hinting he had found a great employer but could not reveal it until he started his […]

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What’s Wrong With This Picture, Eh?

The U.S. cell phone industry is asking its customers to only text during the inauguration ceremonies tomorrow. From the New York Times: The largest cellphone carriers, fearful that a communicative citizenry will overwhelm their networks, have taken the unusual step of asking people to limit their phone calls and to delay sending photos. The carriers […]

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Fonolo Takes Its “Deep Dialing” Into Full Public Beta

When calling into an enterprise of any reasonable size, we all love to navigate our way through those pesky (and repetitive) enterprise auto-attendant services or phone trees that go through menu after menu to connect you directly to an appropriate destination service or person. NOT! At last spring’s eComm 2008 we first learned about Fonolo, […]

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Truphone for iPod Touch: Accessing Skype Contacts and Social Media

Over the past year one of the leading IP-based voice service offerings for low cost international calling from wireless smartphones has been Truphone whose service primarily runs over WiFi access points; Their more recently launched Truphone Anywhere service provides an option for making calls via 3G networks using a combination of the data channel and […]

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Global IP Solutions Coming Back to Life: Driving the Desktop Video Space

Global IP Solutions today announced a white paper on Desktop Video Conferencing, providing a background for their video infrastructure technology that has the potential to make video calling and video conferencing available to a much broader user base beyond Skype’s (even though it is quite large) and SightSpeed. Many of you will recall that Skype’s […]

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Blackberry Bold: Challenged to Deliver on Its Full Potential

Over the past five weeks I have had the opportunity to work with the Blackberry Bold on the Rogers network, including a week in California where I used it on AT&T’s network. While it has provided significant performance improvements over my previous 8820 and has several applications that just are not available for the iPhone, […]

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Jon Arnold: Is VoIP Dead?

TMCNet Editor Michael Dinan has reported on Jonathan Christensen’s keynote two weeks ago at TMCNet’s IT Expo in Los Angeles. While many of us in the Skype world have heard pieces of this story previously, Jonathan was addressing an audience of enterprise and business telephony professionals who are dealing with VoIP implementation issues.. Jonathan’s basic […]

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Dan York Clarifies Skype’s Role within Asterisk

Following up on Thursday’s announcement of Skype for Asterisk for which details were posted on Skype Journal late Thursday, Dan York has published a more technical post, “Clarifying how Asterisk could possibly be used as a Skype-to-SIP gateway“, discussing how the Asterisk PBX treats incoming and outgoing calls, effectively independently of how the Asterisk PBX […]

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Dan York on Skype and SIP and Skype’s Platform Ambitions

Just in case you’ve been on vacation on a remote island not reading Skype Journal the past few days, Phil and Michael Robertson have been having this debate about Skype and interop with SIP-based services (more here and here). It even spread to last Friday’s SquawkBox call. This morning Dan York, who sits on IETF […]

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