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A Banner Day for Skype Development Program

Today’s activities provided not only a glimpse into developments with the Skype Developer Program but also an inside view of the recipe for being a successful partner from one who has succeeded, namely, Lou Guercia and his Unyte team. While I will write up more detailed posts on individual over the next week, here is […]

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Skype – eBay DevCon: First Day Highlights

The eBay Developers Conference launched yesterday morning minus the Cirque du Soleil performance we saw last year. More of a "let’s get down to business" aura this year. A couple of key announcements: Kevin Lynch, Senior VP and Chief Technical Officer of Adobe announced the launch of the beta for Adobe Air (formerly cod-named Apollo). […]

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Off to Skype Developers Conference

Since last year’s Skype Developer Conference we have seen progress on the road map that was laid out at the time. Specifically there were two primary requests from developers: (i) access to the Skype voice channel and (ii) a call transfer API. While both features have become available there are still some loose ends to […]

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OnState Converts Skype IM Client into a Chat Center Agent

Over the past few years Live Chat, along with Click-to-Call, have become common tools embedded in marketing and e-commerce websites. To be effective the chat or voice session has to assume site visitors have no other tools beyond the browser to act as a chat client or voice device. Live Person has become one of […]

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Om: BT Gets It…

The Skype Developer Program is all about delivering software applications where real time conversation (aka voice and IM) is a key element for providing a mission critical business resource. For instance, OnState brings call center experience, Skylook provides a key tool for customer relationship management; Pamela supports podcasting and other voice recording applications, Unyte allows […]

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Skype for Salesforce: Evolution, Promotion and Initial Implementation

With the launch of Skype for last week, I had the opportunity to talk with some of the people behind the launch and learn more about its evolution as a free Salesforce AppExchange offering. Scott Miller, Skype’s Director of Business Development, based in San Jose, pointed out that Skype initially partnered with back […]

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Skype Extras: Goals and Achievements

Recently Skype announced the crossing of a benchmark for the Skype Extras program: passing the ten million download mark in just over four months of availability. In the past I have written about a few of their successful partners: Pamela, Skylook, Unyte and HiDefConferencing. According to this press release (and the Skype Extras Downloads report) […]

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Skype for SalesForce Launched has been an ongoing web application success story over the past few years. Securely accessing an individual enterprise’s customer database on-demand from the web and promoted largely through viral customer adoption, I have encountered many enterprises who have come to rely on as their primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It is a […]

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Skype Developers Conference 2007

Under the umbrella of the annual eBay Developers Conference is a Skype Developers Conference in Boston June 11-13. Under the Consultants and Integrators Track are listed four key Skype management speakers associated with the Skype Developer Program: Skype: A global opportunityPaul AmerySkype has over 171 196 million registered users from all 4 corners of the […]

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Skype’s Prime Balancing Act

Lost in all the blog posts on Skype Prime amid the speculation about how it could be used for a wide range of knowledge exchange and services is the prospect for conflict between Skype and its Extras Gallery partners, BitWine and Jyve. But first to put the motivation for using these services in perspective, I […]

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