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Technology Diary from a European Trip.

As indicated in previous posts (here and here) I recently completed a ten day European trip to Hanover, Germany for CeBit and returned via London where I visited the Skype offices. But Skype was not the only communications play I explored and employed during this trip. There are other players out there having their own […]

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Skype’s Prime Balancing Act

Lost in all the blog posts on Skype Prime amid the speculation about how it could be used for a wide range of knowledge exchange and services is the prospect for conflict between Skype and its Extras Gallery partners, BitWine and Jyve. But first to put the motivation for using these services in perspective, I […]

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Recipe for a Sustainable Skype Partner Business

At a session on business opportunities for the Skype API’s this afternoon. Charles Carleton, CEO of, gave a presentation on the recently launched Jyve Pro service. In the ensuing Q&A he commented on how his business relationship with Skyp. Key elements of Jyve Pro: Jyve Pro allows “experts” to charge for services delivered via […]

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