Pamela 3.5: More Cool Personalization for Skype

Pamela Systems’ Pamela, “a personal digital assistant for Skype”, has been one of the more popular Skype Partner offerings with its wide range of Skype enhancement features. and over 350,000 downloads as of early April. Offered in four different editions (Basic, Standard, Premium, Business), Pamela’s latest Version 3.5 was launched a couple of weeks ago.

Pamela provides a long list of features that enrich Skype conversations. Its recording capabilities are used not only as an answering machine but also, combined with its podcast features, Pamela is used by many podcasters to digitally tape their interviews. Pamela’s personalization features allow you, for instance, to provide customized responses to chat messages by individual contacts when you are on a call or Away. It will also switch your Skype status to “Do Not Disturb” while you are in a Skype call.

In addition to bringing full compatibility with Windows Vista and enhancing some of its traditional features, Pamela 3.5 introduces three new features along with an additional one for the Business Edition:

  • The most interesting one is the Rich Mood Editor which allows you to build formatted mood messages, incorporating hyperlinks if desired.
  • Mega emotion sounds expands on the emotion sounds available in previous versions; however, you can now add your own sounds and catalog them within the emotion sounds window.
  • Customized greetings for individual SkypeIn numbers.
  • Outlook Toolbar (Pamela Business only) which provides the ability to start/stop recording from Outlook.

Pamela Call Recorder, which incorporates call recording, emotion sounds and chat auto reply , has been one of the most popular Skype Extras. Pamela Basic is offered on a shareware basis while the other three editions can be downloaded for a 14-day trial. And for a little history: why the name Pamela?

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