Public Chat Limit Raised to 150

Dan York, over at Disruptive Telephony and a permanent participant in the Skype 3.x Discussion public chat, has just pointed us to Skype’s announcement that the limit for participants in Skype Public Chats has been raised to 150.

Dan is perplexed (and I am also) as to why we often see the actual number of participants is over the limit (whether 100 or 150). At 8:56 EDT this morning he saw (using the “/info” command in a Skype chat client) 201 “members” on the chat, yet less than an hour later I get only 83. Did 118 members sign off within an hour? (FWIW, I am running Skype Seems like the counter is having some difficulty. Or is it another “real time presence” issue?

BTW, if you use Pamela and upgrade Skype to this build ( make sure you also upgrade Pamela to its latest version

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