Skype is a “Webware 100” Communications Candidate

Webware is a c|net website that talks about “cool web apps for everyone”. Recent posts include review of Netscape’s Social Browser, an Adobie Acrobat update for Vista compatibility as well as a remote printing feature and Sclipo, another potential player in the Skype Prime space. Industry veteran journalist Rafe Needleman is the Chief Blogger. “In the three years of writing the [Catch of the Day] column [for the original Red Herring magazine] he interviewed more than 1,000 startup CEOs. Most are now out of business. Make of that what you will.”

At this time Webware is selecting its first “Webware 100” Awards winners. It’s down to the finalists and, in the Communications category Skype is a finalist. From a Skype press release today:

Skype was chosen as a finalist for the “Webware 100” Awards from more than 4,000 user-submitted nominations. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 18 and posted on, a CNET site.

The “Webware 100” Awards recognizes the best Web 2.0 sites, services, and applications that are leading the next wave of innovation. Voting is open to the public from May 23 through June 11, where the top 25 finalists in each category will be listed.

Candidates in the Communications (email, chat, VoIP) category include: GMail, Google Talk, Grand Central, Twitter, Windows Live’s Hotmail and Messenger and 18 others.

Here’s why I will be voting for Skype:

  • Most contacts. With over 9.5 million users and a nine figure number of registered accounts, it is one of the most pervasive in terms of finding your own network of friends and business colleagues. Personally I have over 200 contacts; only MSN Windows Live Messenger comes close and even they mostly overlap with my Skype contacts. As Michael Arrington stated at mesh 2007, networking has value.
  • Most complete set of real time conversation services: voice, IM/presence/chat, conference calling (up to 10 participants), video, file transfer, SMS, voice mail, SkypeIn/Out (with North American unlimited calling)
  • Most cross platform: Windows (of any ilk), Mac, Linux, PC-Free phones, (remember the Sony Mylo that had such great voice quality!)
  • Most embedded: Skype for Email Toolbars, Skype for Web Toolbars, etc.
  • Most Voice 2.0 applications: Unyte Application Sharing, Skylook – Outlook integration with archiving of conversation activity, Pamela – a personal communications assistant, High Speed Conferencing for larger conference calls, Crazy Talk for Skype (review coming) for avatar creation and animation, OnState ACD for Call Center, Convenos Meeting Center and all the other Skype Extras.
  • Bottom line: Most land-based conversations for my activities

And, I guess, having performed a Twitterectomy, Ken Camp won’t be voting for Twitter unless he suffers severe Twitter withdrawal symptoms.

You can vote here; voting closes June 11. Vote early, vote as you like, but, based on an actual test, I don’t think you can vote often.

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