Taking Luca’s Advice: Moved to Thesis Theme

You may notice a slightly different appearance to Voice On The Web today. On Sunday blogger Luca Filigheddu expounded on the virtues of Thesis as a WordPress theme, with his post Here Is The Best WordPress Theme Ever: Thesis, as a result today we changed over to the much heralded Thesis theme for Voice On The Web.

Well, it’s not quite that simple; about two weeks ago I started a small project with Aaron Brazell, otherwise known as Technosailor, to work out some kinks and problems with the original site setup. He recommended a change of theme to Thesis. Knowing that Luca had also changed and having followed commentary in the WordPress ecosystem, it was not a difficult decision to make. And, in the end, it provides much more flexibility in modifying the site setup.

A key change is the Feature box where a slider will work through the five most recent posts; but you can jump to any of them by clicking on the number at the bottom. We’ll polish it up with some graphics going forward and also want to see how it can work into the overall flow and navigation of the site.

There will be a few glitches over the next day or so while Aaron cleans up some small issues; I also know there are some issues, such as too much repetition of posts in the middle column, that will get addressed in the next revamp. Ideally I would like to see the middle column show the most recent post in a Category that does not appear anywhere in the leftmost column.

Voice On The Web is a work in progress but my main goal is to continue to provide valuable content. And, with eComm happening over the next few days, you should be seeing lots of content.

I thank you for following Voice On The Web, appreciate the support provided by many in the blogging community and look forward to an expanded role going forward.

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