RIM’s BlackBerry App World Launches

At the BlackBerry  Developer Conference last fall, RIM announced that they would be launching their BlackBerry applications store in March, 2009. While it’s early in March, RIM last night provided significant details leading up to the launch of BlackBerry App World later this month. Rather than doing a launch at some big event, in these times where all costs are under surveillance, they had given several weblogs a “heads up” about a URL which readers could visit after 10 p.m. EST to learn about “an exciting BlackBerry announcement”.

BlackBerryAppStoreQuestions So what did the announcement contain? Links to:

  • register as a user at BlackBerry App World (to find the requested IMEI number go to Options |Status on your BlackBerry; this is NOT the more familiar PIN number)
  • signup for a PayPal account, should you not have one. Since PayPal is a “trusted” payment system that readily and easily handles multiple currency issues, it will be the sole App World payment channel initially
  • get the latest version of BlackBerry firmware (BlackBerry OS 4.2 or later required, note that carrier-specific BlackBerry OS 4.5 upgrades are now available for all 8xx0 BlackBerry Pearl, Curve and 88×0).
  • learn more about the BlackBerry App World application submission process

On reviewing the revised Developer FAQ and reading other blog postings, Alec Saunders points out two new details:

Alec says, “Both are smart moves”. Stop by his post his observations.

The real market action starts once we get to download and install some applications. At eComm 2009 yesterday, we witnessed a very innovative application for the iPhone. Smule’s Orcarina establishes a benchmark, not for the application itself, but for how far developers can bring “out-of-the-box” thinking into taking smartphones to a new level of entertainment and business acumen.

James Kendrick, jkontherun: BlackBerry paid apps to start at $2.99, require PayPal

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