Blackberry Bold with a Skype Client? I Don’t Think So!

Blackberry Cool is floating a rumor that the U.K’s 3 network, the only carrier currently selling Skypephone – a hit in the youth market, will be selling the Blackberry Bold with a Skype client.

First problem, it is known that VoIP over 3G networks still has quality, robustness and latency issues that make them unsuitable for running a native Skype client. Can we ever convince the media that VoIP over any current wireless data protocol is a non-starter?

This issue was confirmed when Truphone, after months of attempting to launch a native VoIP client over 3G, recently launched their Truphone Anywhere service that allows you to make Truphone calls over a GSM/EDGE/3G network using the data channel for text messaging and call signaling while using the robust, scalable inherent voice channel for the voice conversation. As a result you have two wireless options for Truphone: (i) VoIP over WiFi or (ii) Truphone Anywhere over 3G (and, from personal experience, I can confirm it works on 2.5G/EDGE as well). I have used Truphone over WiFi on several occasions to make low cost or free calls from WiFi access points, especially when in the U.S.where my Rogers roaming charges would be $0.95 per minute.

And, of course we know that 3 has a previous relationship with Skype and iSkoot, who build the software behind the Skypephone. So the real question is “Will we see an iSkoot implementation on the Blackberry Bold?” I can vouch that I have been using iSkoot on my Blackberry 8820 for some time; it’s really useful to keep up with Skype chat session during commuter trips and, when in Toronto, I can make calls to Skype contacts simply for the cost of “local” minutes. (Once away from Toronto, I am charged for long distance back to Toronto, where 3 has an access PoP.)

Certainly, after seeing the Blackberry Bold’s display last week, I can see the opportunity for a very interesting Skype client on the Bold.

Well, it makes for an interesting rumor; only time will tell. And, how does this tie in with today’s announcement from 3 of Skypephone 2? (More in a follow up post.) Given that Skype’s fifth anniversary is coming up at the end of August, maybe we can expect some interesting announcements in the next six weeks or so.

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