eBay Live: Quick Notes re Skype in Opening Keynotes

ebaylive2006150pxeBay Live kicked off this morning with presentations by senior executives of eBay, PayPal and Skype. This is an event that focuses on the key role that developer partners play in the growth of the various eBay properties. A more complete report will follow shortly; however, a couple of points to quickly note:

In his presentation on the overall eBay ecosystem architecture Michael van Swaajj, Chief Strategy Officer, concluded with this slide. Within the context of eBay’s vision of providing a “Trusted Ecosystem” infrastructure, it highlights the architecture support provided for partner innovation in building third party applications.


Lenn Pryor, Director of Skype’s Developer Platform Business Unit, provided a ten minute overview of the Skype-enabled opportunities for third party developers along with the support being provided going forward. Lenn provided this slide describing the support immediately forthcoming for the Skype developer community:


The Call Transfer API is their most requested feature but still needs some time to complete its development. Expect it to come out in two phases: call transfer to other Skype users by year end followed by call transfer to the PSTN early next year. The Client UI plug-in framework will facilitate integration of third party services directly into the Skype UI.

More details to follow. Skype Journal would like to acknowledge the assistance of Multi-Link, Inc. in facilitating our attendance at eBay Live.

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