eComm 2008: iSkoot Presentation

Lee Dryburgh is gradually putting up videos from the eComm 2008 sessions. Today we have iSkoot CEO Mark Jacobstein’s presentation about carrier friendly access to Skype. As mentioned in previous posts on this subject:

  • iSkoot uses the robust circuit switched voice channel to connect to an iSkoot server running a Skype session — generating at a minimum “local” minutes revenue for the carrier
  • since calls terminate on Skype there are no termination charges to the carrier
  • for the Skypephone service (currently on 3 in 9 countries), customer recruitment costs are minimized since no device subsidy is required.
  • long distance
    • iSkoot on the Blackberry, Nokia N-series and E-series, Palm and about 40 other devices can make SkypeOut calls, still providing the carrier with “local” calling revenues while iSkoot receives a share of SkypeOut revenue
    • to faciliate adoption of the Skypephone by carriers, one can only make Skype calls (at no charge), but not SkypeOut calls (changed October 1, 2008), thereby leaving the carriers’ long distance plans in tact.

Two parts to this presentation: the SD video is below: (alternative HD video)

… and the slides: (alternative PowerPoint version)

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