Off to Skype Developers Conference

Since last year’s Skype Developer Conference we have seen progress on the road map that was laid out at the time. Specifically there were two primary requests from developers: (i) access to the Skype voice channel and (ii) a call transfer API. While both features have become available there are still some loose ends to be tied with respect to the call transfer API, namely it only works on the Mac version (but is available for Windows users via Pamela 3.5) and it needs to be hooked up to SkypeIn and SkypeOut.

Today is the launch of the 2007 Skype Developer Conference (within the eBay Developers Conference) and looking forward to hearing what the new road map will be when four key Skype managers make their presentations. And I will be looking for how progress is being made on the three goals for the Skype Developer Program outlined to me during my March visit to Skype’s London office:

  • Building Awareness of Skype Extras
  • Addressing the issue of “compete vs complement”
  • Ensuring quality of services.

The building blocks they discussed included:

  • Providing roadmaps, both technical and commercial
  • Establishing (a) viable and appropriate e-commerce platform(s) to facilitate business transactions
  • Clearly identifying and articulating the responsibilities of both Skype and its Partners for participation within the program

Looking forward also to meeting many of Skype’s Developer Partners and hearing about their experiences.

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