Skype for Business: An Interview with Skype’s Matt Jordan

skype_logo[1] At CES 2010 last month I had the opportunity to record interviews with Skype CEO Josh Silverman as well as Russ Shaw, Vice President and General Manager of Skype Mobile and EMEA, and Matt Jordan, Enterprise Business Development Manager.

In this first interview Matt Jordan talks about the evolving Skype for Business Program. After giving an overview of the program, Matt talks about the revamped Business Control Panel (“BCP”) and how it allows an administrator to manage Skype usage across an enterprise.

While some of the BCP discussion gets a bit technical he does cover issues of security and management of individual Skype activities (such as file transfer). BCP also facilitates delegation of Skype credits for making SkypeOut calls, setting up Skype online numbers, using Skype for SIP voice channels and Skype Access. Fundamentally BCP is a central tool from which an administrator can manage the spend, report on the spend and receive call detail reports.

In the second part of the interview, Matt talks about the business model behind Skype for Business, the charges associated with using Skype for Business services. He talks about Maxim Integrated Products and how they use Skype and BCP for over 2000 paid users within an ecosystem of 5000 Skype users in 70 countries.

Matt goes on to provide some initial feedback on the Skype for SIP public beta program as well as Skype for Asterisk.

Businesses adopting the recently announced FREETALK Connect PBX will need a SkypeID generated via the Business Control Panel as their PBX identifier. In addition a FREETALK Connect administrator can then use the BCP to manage Skype credits allocation, security issues and reporting. Calls coming into a FREETALK Connect PBX via a Skype online number or Skype itself continue have no charge as well as outbound calls to a Skype user.

The entire Skype for Business program will roll out over the next few months such that by the time summer arrives all the various features should be widely available. FREETALK Connect should be available on the Skype Store at the beginning of April.

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Full disclosure: In Store Solutions, producer of the FREETALK Connect PBX, has become a client of Denali InterConneXions, publisher of Voice On The Web, building on the author’s previous business development experience with establishing partnerships that can assist with the promotion of a primary vendor’s offerings. A more complete statement will follow shortly.

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