PamFax LogoPamFax is a Skype Extra that lets you quickly and easily scan and fax a hard copy document or fax a PC-based document to any fax number worldwide.

Not only helpful for the home or small business office but also ideal for road warriors who need to fax documents while traveling from their hotel, an airport lounge or at a coffee shop with Internet access. In fact, it can be used as a road warrior’s printer by “printing” a document to your local hotel’s fax number.

PamFax has three modes of sourcing a document for faxing:

  • scan a hard copy document from almost any scanner;
  • select a stored document on your PC or
  • print a document from within a Windows application with PamFax being the Windows printer.

Costs start at €0.17 (~$0.25) per page and vary by destination country.

Summary from Supplier

Looking for a simple and inexpensive solution to send your faxes? PamFax has it all:

  • Simple to use:
    • Fully integrated with Skype
    • User friendly wizard makes sending a fax a breeze
    • Send faxes from Word/Excel 2003/2007
    • Send faxes from any application by printing to PamFax printer
    • Easy payment with your Skype Credit
    • No upfront payments, no subscriptions, no additional cost, no registration
    • No advertizing on faxes
  • SSL secure
  • Status notification via Skype Chat, E-Mail and/or SMS
  • Many supported file types
  • Scanner support. Scan and fax a paper document. Supports multi-feed
  • Send a fax to multiple recipients at once
  • User portal with fax history and settings
  • Download sent faxes as PDF
  • Add an optional cover page (several choices)
  • Reserve credit for faxing so you can one-click send your fax
  • Preview your fax
  • See recipient’s location in

Ideal for: Home, Home Office, Small Business, Road Warriors

Publisher’s Expertise and Background: PamConsult has a long history of developing third party applications using the Skype infrastructure.

Contact Information:

Products and Services :PamFax will send faxes from three sources

  • A PC-based scanner
  • Browse to select a document
  • As a Windows printer directly from a Windows application


  • Skype: Version 3.x or later
  • Platforms: Windows XP/Vista

Product Acccess :

  • Skype Extras [Tools | Do More | Get Extras];
  • Download

Installation Comments: When installing you will be asked to agree with the license.

Product Description

Pricing: Rates by Destination Zone

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