Skype 5.x Chat: Show the Chat Window!

Skype LogoWhile visiting relatives a few weeks ago I had the chance to participate in a Skype call with a remote family member. While they were using Skype for Windows, this suggestion applies to Skype for Mac also.

Basically both parties had Skype open during a video call when I hear one party say, “I’d like to put some information in the chat but I guess I can only do that after the call.”

They did not realize that you can carry on a chat during a call since the default is for the conversation pane to bring down that big blue-black blind that covers the text dialogue with participants’ avatars. Here’s a visual:

WheresTheChatQuestion.300px WheressTheChatPane.15Jun11.300px

WheresTheChat.Mac5_xDuring a Group Video Call yesterday, once again the participants did not realize that one could click on the Chat icon to expose the text portion of the conversation pane. It’s even more challenging with Skype for Mac 5.x since the icon is a barely visible up arrow (second icon from left in the image). One more reason to have a call bar on Skype for Mac 5.x that is consistent with the call bar in Skype for Windows 5.x.

Looking forward to what comes forth with Skype for Mac 5.x now that that the Skype for Mac style contest is near closing. But a modification to Skype for Windows 5.x that addresses this issue would also be helpful.

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