eBay CEO: “This deal’s going to close..”

While participating in an interview session earlier today at the National Retail Federation’s annual Shop.org summit in Las Vegas, eBay CEO closed off questioning about the pending sale of Skype with “… there’s nothing new on that; this deal’s going to close.” AuctionByte’s Ina Steiner put out this video on her post, eBay CEO: Skype Deal Will Happen, Open to PayPal Spin-Off:

The Cy.Talk blog, in eBay CEO says Skype deal “is going to close”, reports:

Backstage after the presentation, Donahoe showed Reuters an excerpt of an email message he received that morning from eBay Chief Financial Officer Bob Swan saying no “show stoppers” were identified in the recent spate of litigation.

“We’re marching along,” Donahoe said, adding that he still expects the deal to close in mid-November.

Bottom line: It ain’t over til it’s over, but ….

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