Click to Call: What Does It Do For Closing Your Sales?

All versions of Skype for Windows 3.x have included an option to embed Click-to-Call within Internet Explorer; there is also a Skype Web Toolbar for Firefox that provides the same capability. Click-to-Call is a feature claimed by many products incorporating voice these days but how it is deployed and why it is available covers a wide range of needs. And its use and desirability seem to be generating a lot of blog traffic these days.

As mentioned in a previous post I use Skype’s Click-to-Call as one method to avoid dialing phone numbers. But commercial enterprises seek to use it as the final stage in closing an online sale:

  • Luca Filigheddu provides his thoughts on Why any website needs a Click-to-Call. Hat tip to Peter Csathy at SightSpeed for directint me to this one.

    • In a real shop you always get the help you want and immediately. You are not willing to leave a message on a sheet and come back the day after to read the response. You need help EXACTLY when you ask for it.

  • Garrett Smith, in his post Not Every Site Needs Click-to-Call, has offered some commentary on business issues that need to be incorporated into a business infrastructure involving Click-to-Call, including some cautions.

    • Adding presence to click-to-call technology was an important step, but how does it reflect on your company, when during the middle of the day, during normal working hours, a user could visit your site, and see that help is “offline”. Do you really want a user to have that much visibility into your business operation? Nothing screams “go elsewhere” like help “offline” during normal business hours, especially since most of the time someone is there ready to take your call, they just forgot to log-in to the queue or otherwise.

Both these posts focus on the business issues and transcend any particular technology or implementation. But they also bring into play some of the considerations behind the development of OnState’s ACD for Skype 3.x Call Center offering.

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