Skype and Intel Building Family Connections

Yesterday Mark Evans posted his Communications 101 thoughts and mentioned:

Note: It’s important to be clear there is a difference between having the “gift of the gab” and communicating well. This post is driven, in part, by my personal goal to become a better communicator.

But when it comes to maintaining family relationships, having the “Gift of the Gab” can be important … and we all know that “gabbing” to the extent appreciated by Mom usually requires lots of time to catch up on the family news and events. This morning Skype and Intel announced their joint “Gift of the Gab” promotion where

Consumers in the U.S. and Canada can take advantage of Internet communications over Skype by placing free SkypeOut calls to any landline or mobile number around the world on Mother’s Day (May 13, 2007). Sponsored by Intel, the “Gift of Gab” promotion represents the first time that U.S. and Canadian users will be able to make free SkypeOut calls to anywhere in the world for a period of 24 hours. Calls from one registered Skype user to another remain free. Usually, SkypeOut calls are billed at per-minute fees depending on the location called, with rates beginning at the low Skype global dialing rate of 2.1 cents per minute.

Why Mother’s Day? Skype PR has provided some interesting statistics:

  • Mother’s Day is the busiest calling holiday of the year, so there’s no better day to make calls for free.
  • Sixty-two percent of moms just want a phone call saying I love you on Mother’s Day, yet only 35% actually receive phone calls, according to a new survey commissioned by Skype.
  • 42% of adults say they see or talk with a parent (especially Mom) every single day, up 10% since 1989. Now all that chatting won’t cost anything!

Certainly problems have occurred in past years on the PSTN where sometimes you have to wait several minutes to get a long distance connection on Mother’s Day (especially for overseas calling). Obviously using Skype not only provides a higher probability of completing a Mother’s Day call (due to its peer-to-peer architecture) but also, more importantly, allows you to have conference calls so that not only you can call Mom but you can bring in your remote siblings to join in the conversation and celebration. Of course you can record the call via either of Pamela’s Call Recorder or Skylook in Skype Extras.

For those unfamiliar with making SkypeOut calls, Skype has provided some guidance here.

And why Intel? PC’s with Core Duo processors enabled Skype to extend free conference calls to ten participants.

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