BlackBerry Live: Discussing PamFax and Skype on CrackBerry Live

CrackBerry.PamFax.Skype.LogosWhile attending BlackBerry Live earlier this week I was interviewed by Simon Sage of as a participant in their CrackBerry Live series recorded throughout the event. After providing an overview of PamFax for BlackBerry 10 and Playbook we then went on to discuss my experience with Skype for BlackBerry 10. More on the latter in an upcoming post.

I want to thank the Simon and the CrackBerry team for providing the opportunity and recommend you visit their site for many other interviews covering the BlackBerry Live announcements, the BlackBerry product line, QNX and many of the 120,000 BlackBerry 10 applications now available on BlackBerry World.

Amongst the applications I have added as a result of attending are:

  • Track My Car for locating your car in those large shopping and entertainment centre parking lots,
  • AIO Remote which provides “remote” mouse and trackpad functionality on both Windows and Mac PC’s (I have tested it out successfully on both)
  • Battery Guru which provides real time battery status and logs battery activity over time.
BB10.TrackMyCar.256px BB10.AIORemote BB10.BatteryGuru
Track My Car AIO Remote Battery Guru

My impressions from BlackBerry Live will come up in a separate post, along with one providing the reasons behind my statement during the interview that Skype for BlackBerry 10 is the best performing Skype on a mobile platform.

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