Skype for Everyone: Supporting Over 2 Billion Minutes per Day

Today Skype announced they had passed a significant milestone, now supporting over 2 Billion minutes of conversations per day. Here’s the infographic:

In one day, Skype users spent 2 billion minutes connecting with each other
2 billion minutes infographic by Skype

With Skype clients on PC’s, smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and soon to include BlackBerry 10), tablets, including Kindle Fire, and an emerging offering of Internet-enabled TV’s as well as the current migration of Windows Live Messenger to Skype, it’s bound to continue the growth.

Recent data from Hudson Barton’s Skype Statistics shows that recently as many as 55 million were online concurrently. This number is only an indicator but certainly supports the trending upwards as well.


Bottom line: the numbers speak for themselves.

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