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GMail Voice and Video Chat: Threading Voice and Video Into Email Dialogues

Earlier this week the GMail weblog announced GMail voice and video chat; basically they are designed to add voice and video modes to an email thread; from the GMail blog post: … today we’re launching voice and video chat — right inside Gmail. We’ve tried to make this an easy-to-use, seamless experience, with high-quality audio […]

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Global IP Solutions Coming Back to Life: Driving the Desktop Video Space

Global IP Solutions today announced a white paper on Desktop Video Conferencing, providing a background for their video infrastructure technology that has the potential to make video calling and video conferencing available to a much broader user base beyond Skype’s (even though it is quite large) and SightSpeed. Many of you will recall that Skype’s […]

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Dan York: Skype’s 5 Years of Disruption

OK, so it’s the fourth post this week where I’ve referenced Dan York. But over the two years I have known Dan I have to say he is, in my view, one of the most respected authorities on the technology behind today’s communications revolution. Yet he also understands the value of the user experience. In […]

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Oprah: A New Earth Session 2 Coming Up

Earlier this week Skype Journal reported on Skype’s sponsorship of Oprah.com’s Web Events involving “classes” discussing Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth. A unique aspect of this presentation involved “full duplex” video dialogues as viewers posed questions. In some cases the viewers were supplied with the appropriate webcam and dual processor PC so that they […]

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Skype Video Gets Exposure; Oprah.com Suffers Congestive Internet Failure

Getting an interactive Internet program broadcast out to 500,000 proves to be a true pioneering effort; Oprah.com and Harpo Productions demonstrate the value of transparent communication to your audience as a result of a communication technology breakdown. From the Web Event web site at about 10:00 p.m. EST:   Congestive heart failure is a disease […]

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Skype Sponsors Oprah’s “A New Earth” Web Event

Skype High Quality Video to be used in the world’s largest classroom. For all those who have complained that Skype has not generated enough awareness in North America, an event this evening (9 p.m. EST – GMT-5) should change all that. Skype, along with GM’s Chevrolet division and Post-It Notes, is sponsoring all ten weekly […]

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Jonathan Christensen Discusses High Quality Video on Squawk Box

Earlier this week I mentioned that Jonathan Christensen would be appearing on Alec Saunders’ daily Squawk Box this morning to answer questions about Skype High Quality Video. The session has now been posted as a podcast on Saunderslog. Well worth a listen to get answers to how High Quality Video evolved at Skype as well […]

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On2 Powers Skype High Quality Video

At CES 2008 three weeks ago I had the opportunity to spend some time with Bill Joll, CEO of On2 Technologies, who has been providing the video codecs used in Skype. Founded in 1992 and having done an IPO in 1999, On2 has become the codec power behind not only Skype but also the Adobe […]

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Skype’s Jonathan Christensen To Be Guest Participant on Sqawk Box

For the past few weeks, Alec Saunders, CEO of iotum, has been hosting Squawk Box, a daily conference call discussing IP communications industry issues with anyone who wishes to join the call. Naturally he uses iotum’s Free Conference Call service on Facebook for these calls. Occasionally he has been able to line up a featured […]

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Alec Saunders on Skype’s High Quality Video

Last week Alec Saunders received an evaluation Logitech QuickCam Pro for Notebooks; in a post today he comments on: the camera’s basic optics quality his previous objections to video calls that are overcome by Skype’s High Quality Video: getting the right lighting how previous cameras tend to focus, distractingly, on the forehead rather than the […]

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