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Pamela 3.5: More Cool Personalization for Skype

Pamela Systems’ Pamela, “a personal digital assistant for Skype”, has been one of the more popular Skype Partner offerings with its wide range of Skype enhancement features. and over 350,000 downloads as of early April. Offered in four different editions (Basic, Standard, Premium, Business), Pamela’s latest Version 3.5 was launched a couple of weeks ago. […]

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Privacy and Prejudice: An Interruption 2.0 Manifesto for the AlwaysOn Lifestyle

Taking back control of your real time communications in the AlwaysOn world. (While this post was published originally  inFebruary 2007, it still has even more relevance in a very active Social Networking world; see the Update note at the end of the post). When reporting on my visit last summer to an Alexander Graham Bell […]

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Skype Goes Truly Mobile….

.. in the UK at least. Today, as one partner participating in the 3 X-Series service announcement by Hutchison Whampoa’s 3 Group, Skype has announced its first truly mobile offering where Skype users can make “free” Skype-to-Skype calls on a mobile phone. Starting December 1, 3 Group will launch a new flat fee mobile broadband […]

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Will I use (Skype) Chat or email?

Seems that the discussion of the merits of email and (Skype) Chat are warming up again: Andy highlights the delays in knowing who is really online in Skype; he also mentions he has been receiving some chat spam. Jaanus admits that, despite claiming Skype chat to have many advantages over email fifteen months, ago he […]

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Fall VON 2006 – Whither IM?

Monday afternoon’s first Fall VON 2006 plenary session, IM: The State of Presence, featuring a panel of executives and managers from the GYMAS-five representing over 90% of the IM usage worldwide: Dan Casey, Director, Windows Live VoIP and Messenger Product Management, Microsoft Jeff Bonforte, Director of Voice Product Management, Yahoo! Nitzan Shaer, Director, Mobile Devices, […]

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SightSpeed – Focusing on Personal Video Services

Since its introduction at the final Fall Comdex in 2003, I have been following the SightSpeed video communications service as it has evolved into one of the more highly respected personal video calling services. Today they are releasing a new version 5.0; last week I spent an hour talking with Peter Csathey, CEO of SightSpeed, […]

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Skype’s Opportunity for IM Federation Leadership

It’s been a busy week: The previously announced (eight months ago) MSN/Yahoo IM federation became real. Yawn. Phil Wolff and Alec Saunders have commented on the Skype code cracking by a Chinese engineering team. Ken Camp has linked both the U3 Skype/SanDisk announcement and any potential Skype code cracking to corporate security policy implications. I […]

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Unified Communications, Presence and Relevance..

As a follow up to my post earlier this week and Phil’s post on presence, Alec Saunders continues the discussion on presence and relevance issues with two posts: First is a post triggered by an email response from Kyle Marsh, Microsoft’s UC evangelist, to Alec’s initial commentary on Microsoft’s Unified Communications “Strategy” announcement last Monday. […]

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