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Skype 4.0 Beta 2 Makes “Live Messenger Look Outdated”

The PamConsult team, producers of Pamela and PamFax amongst other products, lives and breathes conversation products due to the breadth of their overall product line. In their PamNews blog post on Skype for Windows 4.0 Beta 2 they state: …. We have tested it and found it to be already stable enought for day to […]

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PamFax Update: Lower Rates, Volume Plans and Improved Perfomance

Send faxes via PamFax for €0.14 (a 17% reduction) or, if on a PamFax Professional or PrePaid Pack plan, as low as €0.09. Since last summer Skype Journal has been reporting on the evolution of PamFax, which allows Skype users to send faxes anywhere worldwide from your laptop in as few as five mouse clicks. […]

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PamFax Receive Skype Certification, Grows Usage

Becomes an Extra Premium; implements major server upgrade. While email and VoIP technology have changed our communications patterns, it seems that faxing still has its place as a communications mode. The growth of PamFax as a worldwide fax service using Skype’s underlying Skype Extras infrastructure is demonstrable proof. A key advantage of PamFax is that […]

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PamFax is a Skype Extra that lets you quickly and easily scan and fax a hard copy document or fax a PC-based document to any fax number worldwide. Not only helpful for the home or small business office but also ideal for road warriors who need to fax documents while traveling from their hotel, an […]

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2007’s Top Ten Skype Accomplishments

While this blog tends to focus on new developments and the role they can play in our future real time conversations, it sometimes pays to look back to see what has been accomplished. For 2007, these are, from my perspective, top ten accomplishments for the Skype ecosystem: 1. eBay CEO Meg Whitman states at an […]

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Mashup Champion PamFax Becomes a Full Fax Sending Solution.

… adds scanning and print driver features for sending faxes worldwide. Back in August PamConsult, publishers of the Pamela universal Skype utility with call recording, conversation archiving, message personalization and audio emoticons, entered the Skype Mashup competition with their beta release of PamFax. At the time PamFax would allow you to select a (Word or […]

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The Dawn of the Mashup World II: And the European Mashup Competition Winner Is…

A post a few days ago, The Dawn of the Mashup World: Part Ia: What is a Mashup, generated a heated discussion on the Skype Mashup Group Chat. Also a few comments. Glad to get some feedback onto Skype Journal; thanks Don and Thomas. (And congratulations to Don Kennedy for having MyToGo selected by ProgrammableWeb.com […]

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Skype for SalesForce Launched

Salesforce.com has been an ongoing web application success story over the past few years. Securely accessing an individual enterprise’s customer database on-demand from the web and promoted largely through viral customer adoption, I have encountered many enterprises who have come to rely on Salesforce.com as their primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. It is a […]

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eBay – Skype Synergy: The Missed Viral Opportunity – Post 2 of 2

To: Meg Whitman, CEO, eBay That was quite the quarterly report; lots of good news. Congratulations to the entire eBay team (including Skype, of course). But there is the Skype monetization issue to address. Following up on my other post Wednesday, I think I found one way to contribute to this while at CES. Bottom […]

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