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Learnings from the Canadian iPhone 3G Launch

The Canadian launch of the 3G iPhone received international coverage due to consumer reaction to Rogers initial price plans. But having followed the story since last fall and, having interviewed the first two customers to buy the iPhone 3G at Rogers Toronto launch location, the real story is about how Rogers is learning that smartphones […]

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Score One for the Blogosphere – Immense PR Turmoil – Rogers Caves.

Or maybe this should be called: Steve Jobs Does Not Tolerate even the Contemplation of Failure. Last week I reported on Rogers’ announcement of new data plans for both the forthcoming iPhone (available in two days) and RIM’s Blackberry. In fact, I had immediately changed my Blackberry plan to a new one where the price […]

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Rogers Reveals Its New Service Plans for Blackberry and iPhone

Caveat: This post is mostly for the benefit of Canadians but then again if you’re outside Canada where unlimited data plans are the norm, count your blessings. These plans do have implications for mobile Skype usage costs, such as with iSkoot. Update: maybe it is international – the story has made CNN.com. Rogers takes major […]

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Skype’s New Calling Plans — The Coverage

Yesterday’s announcement of new international calling plans available from Skype probably set a record for generating press traffic about Skype. Certainly my “:Skype” keyword feed in FeedDemon has been gone off the end. Most of the reports were simply rehashes of the original two press releases (Global and North America). But some bloggers’ observations are […]

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