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TOM-Skype Breach: The Citizen Lab

This is the second of four posts resulting from an interview with Nart Villeneuve, principle investigator of the Citizen Lab report “Breaching Trust”. After discussing the report itself and some of the follow up activity, we went on to talk about The Citizen Lab, its mission and its activities. From their own website they are […]

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The Story Behind the Story: How a Canadian cracked the Great Firewall of China

As a four time graduate of the University of Toronto, I am glad to see the atmosphere for investigative research is thriving at my alma mater. A researcher at their unique Citizen Lab, “focusing on advanced research and development at the intersection of digital media and world civic politics”, is responsible for uncovering the Tom-Skype […]

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Skype and Federal Elections…

While the whole world knows that there is a U.S.federal election on November 4, little international notice has been given to Canada’s upcoming federal election, October 14. But both are providing significant opportunities to make use of the Internet. Emails, text messaging, candidate websites. Twitter feeds all are coming into play. In a post on […]

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VoIP Blocking Explained

Dan York, Director of Emerging Communication Technology at Voxeo, but also on the Board of the Voice over IP Security Alliance (VOIPSA) has written two excellent pieces in another of his blogs, Voice of VoIPSA, discussing the blocking of VoIP calls by Aircell. The first explains how they can block Skype calls, even though they […]

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Is This the Prelude to a World of Dedicated Video Phone Offerings?

Those folks at Engadget have been reading through the FCC applications again and uncovered an application from Creative Labs for their (forthcoming?) inPerson wireless video conferencing phone. Interesting feature set claimed, including: VGA camera (640 x 480) 802.11b/g WiFi and Ethernet TI DaVinci graphics chip, designed for set-top boxes and handhelds 76-degree wide angle lens […]

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Skype Petitions FCC On User Empowerment in the Wireless Domain

Jeff Pulver yesterday brought to our attention a petition by Skype to the FCC “making the eminently reasonable request that the FCC ensure that its (and, by extension, all) users of mobile devices and networks have the freedom to communicate over wireless networks.” Jeff goes on to comment: I think this petition should have important […]

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