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Catching Up: Skype CxO’s Speak Out

Over the past couple of weeks, during which I have taken a vacation and then dealt with an internal network issue at my home office, there has been no holiday on news related to the IP Communications space. So this week I will offer a series of posts talking about communications from Skype’s new executive […]

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A Bold Prediction… Blackberry Will Continue to Rule the Enteprise

I’ll be iBold enough to say that, applying physics terminology so much appreciated by RIM’s co-CEO, Blackberry Bold will reduce the half-life of the iPhone in the business and prosumer market by an order of magnitude. Tuesday evening I attended RIM’s annual shareholders meeting in Waterloo at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics, initially funded […]

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Score One for the Blogosphere – Immense PR Turmoil – Rogers Caves.

Or maybe this should be called: Steve Jobs Does Not Tolerate even the Contemplation of Failure. Last week I reported on Rogers’ announcement of new data plans for both the forthcoming iPhone (available in two days) and RIM’s Blackberry. In fact, I had immediately changed my Blackberry plan to a new one where the price […]

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A New Era Coming for Blackberry

With RIM’s annual WES event starting later today we started to see announcements Monday about a new Blackberry and a new VC fund for mobile applications. Blackberry Bold is definitely a major smartphone enhancement from the current Pearl, Curve and, most notably, 88×0 lines. Reading through the new specs, the Blackberry Bold addresses several issues […]

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Why Skype Needs a Symbian Client

Over the past couple of years, there have been lots of requests, rumors, speculation, etc. about why Skype needs a client for the Symbian platform, for which Nokia is the primary device vendor. Through Andy Abramson’s Nokia Blogger Program I have been able to evaluate several Nokia N Series phones including the Nokia N80i which […]

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Privacy and Prejudice: An Interruption 2.0 Manifesto for the AlwaysOn Lifestyle

Taking back control of your real time communications in the AlwaysOn world. (While this post was published originally  inFebruary 2007, it still has even more relevance in a very active Social Networking world; see the Update note at the end of the post). When reporting on my visit last summer to an Alexander Graham Bell […]

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