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Skype at eComm 2009: Royalty Free Licensing of SILK Codec

With the launch of Skype for Windows 4.0, Skype delivered its first client incorporating Skype’s new superwideband SILK codec providing a new user experience in voice calling. For example, Alec Saunders in “Skype 4.0 audio: smooth as SILK”: Perhaps the biggest improvement, though, is audio quality.  We all thought that Skype audio was great, right?  […]

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Skype for Windows 4.0 Gold: Blog Coverage

Since its launch Tuesday, Skype for Windows 4.0 Gold has received some interesting coverage: David Pogue, New York Times: in addition to his column discussed here yesterday, he has produced an amusing video: Skype 4.0: The Cheapskate where a video starring Mr. Cheapskate shows a Skype video session with his daughter, Kim Cheapskate, obviously a […]

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David Pogue, New York Times: Video Chats Overcome Clunkiness

Columnist David Pogue in a New York Time article reviewing Skype 4.0 starts with the AT&T video phone demonstrated at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and user experience from then. Not a lot of calls due to technical and psychological issues. He talks about why Skype has been so widely accepted (did he remind […]

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SILK: Skype’s New Audio Codec Sets New Performance Standards for Voice Conversations

The most recent hotfix release of Skype for Windows 4 Beta 3 had one key new feature: feature: Super Wideband audio codec The associated Skype Garage post went on to say: … Starting from this version we’ve included the new Super Wideband Audio codec. This is our second in-house built audio codec especially designed for […]

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Skype for Windows 4.0 Goes Gold; Improved UI, Audio and Video Performance Standard

Over the past eight months 1.2 million Skype users have participated in the Skype for Windows 4.0 beta program (stage 1, stage 2, stage 3). During this beta period, not only current user feedback was sought but also feedback from new users installing Skype for the first time. The goal was to provide a user […]

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Skype for Windows 4.0 Beta 3 Hotfix Introduces New Audio Codec

This morning Skype released a hotfix upgrade for Skype for Windows 4.0 beta 3 bringing in several new features but most significant is the introduction of a new “super wideband Audio codec; from the Skype Garage blog post linked above: This is our second in-house built audio codec especially designed for calls over the internet […]

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Skype 4.0 Beta 3 Available

We have just learned that Skype 4.0 Beta 3 is now available. Once we have had a chance to install and review it, there will be more  to say. But for now: Skype 4.0 Beta 3 Download. Release Notes Raul Liive’s Skype Blog Post From the Release Notes (which also lists many bugfixes): Check out […]

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Skype 4.0 Beta 2 Makes “Live Messenger Look Outdated”

The PamConsult team, producers of Pamela and PamFax amongst other products, lives and breathes conversation products due to the breadth of their overall product line. In their PamNews blog post on Skype for Windows 4.0 Beta 2 they state: …. We have tested it and found it to be already stable enought for day to […]

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Skype 3.8 Hotifx Released Today

In addition to the launch of the Skype for Windows 4.0 Beta 2 program today, Skype also released a hotfix update for its current public release version 3.8. It includes support for High Quality Video on a few additional cameras beyond the Logitech Carl Zeiss optics cameras previously supported and updates to the Firefox and […]

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