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Wireless is Not Cordless… A Solution for Howard’s Parents (and Yours Too) …

I often forget when writing for Skype Journal that terminology in the English language may have different meanings in different parts of the English speaking world. For instance, there is no boot on my Canadian car and I’m sure there is no trunk in Martin’s car in Edinburgh. I guess wireless and cordless can have […]

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Fall VON 2006 Special – Time to Move Beyond Skype WiFi Phones

This is the second post in a series reviewing wireless devices in the emerging Personal Handheld Assistant space; the ultimate aim is to identify roles that Skype can play in this market of converged functionality devices. This is a special post in the series that was triggered by a VON Fall 2006 session. Links to […]

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The Home Phone Market Goes Cordless

Last week Skype issued two press releases (Philips and NetGear here and Panasonic here) relating to partnerships that involve cordless Skype phones. No PC required! Just Plug-and-Call — from anywhere in your home. Basically they comprise a base station that connects directly to your home router as a well as a cradle for the base […]

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Skype’s Secret Sauce Extended to Include Embedded Devices

The secret sauce used by Skype that results in the excellent voice quality of Skype-to-Skype calls and facilitates quality in Skype-to-SkypeIn/Out calls is the Voice Engine for PC and Voice Engine for (Windows) Mobile licensed by Skype from Global IP Sound (“GIPS”). Combining codecs, echo cancellation technology and other voice and packet management features the […]

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Dual Mode WiFi/GSM phones … coming to a handset near you.

Both Alec Saunders and Jon Arnold have commented on a KTVU news item video where Andy is interviewed about dual mode WiFi/GSM phones. Andy points out that he could not demonstrate on his Nokia E61 in the hotel where he was interviewed because of the requirement for a login page. A week ago I commented […]

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WiFi Phones for Skype

In a press release issued today, Skype announced “collaboration with [four] hardware partners to deliver the first WiFi phones for Skype(TM) software, making Internet calling on the move a reality”. Basically these devices will eliminate the need for a PC to make Skype calls in a “authorization-free” WiFi-enabled environment. Sounds like we may finally see […]

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Skype’s Opportunity for IM Federation Leadership

It’s been a busy week: The previously announced (eight months ago) MSN/Yahoo IM federation became real. Yawn. Phil Wolff and Alec Saunders have commented on the Skype code cracking by a Chinese engineering team. Ken Camp has linked both the U3 Skype/SanDisk announcement and any potential Skype code cracking to corporate security policy implications. I […]

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Skype “On the Go” – with a Caution

Yesterday Phil referenced the Skype/SanDisk press release announcing that Skype 2.0, featuring Internet video calling, would be preloaded on all SanDisk U3-enabled Smart Drives such that a user could access and use Skype from any Windows computer, such as at an Internet café. But there is a caveat; from the Help for U3: A U3 […]

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Notebook-Embedded Skype

When my daughter started up her new MacBook Pro a couple of months ago, the most impressive feature was the embedded iSight webcam. When you first create user profiles, capturing a picture of the user is one of the first questions that pops up. I have said previously that Skype is not fully supportive of […]

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VoIP/Voice launches Cyberphone-W for Mac in UK

p>VoIP/Voice of Manchester, UK yesterday announced the release of its Cyberphone-W for Mac to the U.K. market. A Skype Certified Skype phone for the Mac . From the press release: …. This product broadens Skype’s appeal to consumers who prefer to use a conventional telephone handset and who opt not to be bound to their […]

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