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GMail Voice and Video Chat: Threading Voice and Video Into Email Dialogues

Earlier this week the GMail weblog announced GMail voice and video chat; basically they are designed to add voice and video modes to an email thread; from the GMail blog post: … today we’re launching voice and video chat — right inside Gmail. We’ve tried to make this an easy-to-use, seamless experience, with high-quality audio […]

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A Tale of Two Logos – One Moniker II: The Parallels

In the first post in this series I provided examples wherein two companies are using similar logos: Yet only one,.PDT/VoIPvoice, has registered the trademark but the other, Cisco/Linksys, has been using its version for the past 18 months at least. Of course lots of publicity has been given to Cisco’s trademark infringement suit over Apple’s […]

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A Tale of Two Logos – One Moniker

Have a look at these two logos: Confused? While not the most high profile logos in the market, they both have been in use for at least 18 months in the VoIP market space but only the one with a five year history is registered. So who is using a logo similar to the VoIPvoice […]

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