VoiceOnTheWeb is produced and published by Denali InterConneXions NA Inc., based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It comprises blog posts about IP-based communications, featuring Skype, along with persistent content that provides Skype reference information, including a Backgrounder and a Guide. However, Skype must also be viewed from the perspective of the larger IP-based communications space; as a result this weblog will also feature posts, commentary and persistent content (WordPress Pages) with respect to the mobile (smartphone) and broader Web 2.0 and Voice 2.0 real time communications space.

(Note: all VoiceOnTheWeb blog posts dated prior to February 7, 2009 were originally published on Skype Journal. We encourage you to continue to visit Skype Journal for additional perspectives on Skype and other topics related to IP-based communications.)

Mission: The VoiceOnTheWeb mission is to provide to individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and business executives a guide to the implementation and use of Skype and other mobile and IP-based communications products and services as personal and business communications tools. Constructive and informative dialogue with readers via Comments is encouraged; in addition readers will be directed to external content via links suggested by the Zemanta WordPress plugin.

Voice On The Web, as a website, executes on this mission in four ways:

  • An ongoing weblog providing editorial opinions, product and service reviews as well as tips for using Skype and other IP-based and mobile communications offerings
  • Constructive and informative dialogue that engages Voice On The Web readers through Comments.
  • Providing a Guide to the implementation of Skype and other IP-based communications tools and services
  • Cataloging the wide range of currently available CEBP solutions that deliver on the promise of friction-free customers services through more effective communications processes.

Communications Enhanced Business Processes: When combined with various partners’ services, Skype can form the basis of several communications enhanced business processes (“CEBP”) resulting not only in reduced communications costs but also opening up traditional large enterprise applications to even the smallest of businesses. Building such processes involves combining the resources, tools and infrastructure of both real time communications platforms, such as Skype, and the worldwide web to deliver increased user satisfaction. By automating or even eliminating tedious, repetitive tasks that inhibit user action, implementing CEBP leads to higher success rates in achieving an enterprise’s or organization’s ultimate goals.

Transparency: It is out intention to deliver content that continues to have the integrity of an independent weblog. Voice On The Web has no business relationship with Skype, LLC.

But also to this end constructive and informative dialogue with readers via Comments is encouraged; in addition readers will be directed to external content via links suggested by the Zemanta WordPress plugin. More details are provided in our Editorial Policy.

Sponsorship: Publishing a website such as Voice On The Web cannot happen without sponsorship revenues. Denali InterConneXions currently has no sponsors. However, in the end, we encourage readers to investigate others’ views as well as take advantage of any trial or evaluation opportunity for an offering. We are not responsible for any decisions made based on our content.

The Skype reference content (see Welcome, Skype, Conversations on the green bar above) has been authored by  Jim Courtney. with editorial assistance for the posts from various guest bloggers who cover the IP-based communications space. Constructive comments and feedback as well as factual corrections are welcome. The content was originally written in the spring and summer of 2008; however, it is regularly being updated to maintain its currency.

Denali InterConneXions NA Inc. has provided business planning and business development services to Internet-based enterprises since 1996. In the past a couple of Skype partners have been clients; however, at the present time (2012) no such relationship exists.

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