votwlogo180x42VoiceOnTheWeb has had its evolution since early 2008. As a result there are several parties whose assistance I wish to acknowledge:

Phil Wolff and Stuart Henshall: Had they not founded and operated Skype Journal, there would not have been the opportunity to blog about such a wide range of emerging communications services over the past three years but also the opportunity to meet and work with a diverse group of Skype employees, real time communications entrepreneurs – especially the Skype partners – and the IP-based communications blogging community. Phill and Stuart are both on a quest to see if they can figure out ways to have a richer communications experience via the web.

Carl Ford: When he was producer of the VON shows, Carl, through his chairing of conference sessions, made sure that they were lively and interesting. He encouraged audience engagement; his wealth of background knowledge ensured that discussions were kept both informed and on topic. Carl is currently establishing a new conference around the subject of the 4G Wireless Evolution in conjunction with IT Expo. When I went looking for the domain name, it turns out that Carl owns it and has kindly redirected it to Thank you, Carl!

The Skype partners: who have expressed interest in this concept. Originally intended to be a “Skype In Your Business” website, the evolution of the WordPress platform has allowed the development of a richer and more complete “Voice On The Web” website, comprising both static reference information and dynamic news information. But more importantly has been the opportunity to work with Skype’s various partners as their businesses have gone through a wide range of development and business challenges while Skype itself was figuring out its direction. It is their enthusiasm and vision for participation in a Voice 2.0 world that has kept me passionate about Skype and the IP-based communications space.

Skype employees: I have had the opportunity to meet many over the past three years; they all share a passion to make a difference in our lives. With a proper business structure being put in place by new management, they are about to embark on quite a ride.

All those startup business entrepreneurs and their teams. Their optimism and passion for what they are trying to accomplish is an indication that innovation will thrive. And contribute to making my job enjoyable yet challenging.

thomashowelogoThomas Howe: Originally I was working with Thomas in the development of what would effectively be two sites: one for developers and one for end users. Thomas introduced me to WordPress and all its potential, not simply as a blogging platform but rather as a dynamic website development platform. Due to some business opportunities that arose for Thomas he has found a home for his many talents but he will continue to be “Mr. Mashup” and a proponent of Communications Enhanced Business Processes. The Thomas Howe Company is a professional services organization that provides management consulting, application development and training to Fortune 500 Enterprises, carriers and businesses. For more information about Thomas Howe Company’s services, please visit The Thomas Howe Company’s main site.

new_pam_logo100pxPamConsult: Developers of Pamela, PamFax and some Windows Media Center modules involving Skype and eBay, PamConsult is the original Skype software developer partner and was recently named to be a a Skype Approved Integrator. Starting from providing a German translation of Skype, they have gone on to have one of the most downloaded Skype Extras (Pamela) and now are building a customer base for PamFax. But they also have done contract software for both Skype (Skype for interface) and eBay (German and French Skype clients incorporating an eBay tab). When I needed some help for fine tuning this site, PamConsult provided developer services to assist with the initial customization of the LiveWire Theme being used for Voice On The Web. Due to some recent contracts PamConsult has obtained and that have taxed their resources, I am currently looking for a developer with WordPress, php, css and mySQL experience to assist with the evolution of the site.

voipwatchlogoAndy Abramson, VoIP Watch: I cannot say enough about the support Andy has provided me over the past three years while reporting for Skype Journal. He has become the de facto leader of the IP-based communications blogging world with his ability to articulate issues, network with all the players in this space, and produce his famous blogger dinner discussions at various industry events. Comunicano, his business operation, provides web-based marketing consulting services to many of the players in this space but he always manages to ensure that they are overall presented for their strengths within the space and how they can assist both individuals and businesses obtain lower cost real time communications.

The IP-Based Communications blogger network: I have tried to list them all in the Blogroll on the right Sidebar. If I have overlooked any, please let me know. Their combined industry experience, knowledge and enthusiasm have certainly broadened awareness of the potential of Emerging Communications services in a Web 2.0/Voice 2.0 world. I am forever grateful to the support they have given to my activities. Please check out their posts to keep fully informed on this very vibrant space.

wordpressbuttonAnd, finally, Matt Mullenweg, his team at Automattic and the entire WordPress ecosystem. Combined they have made it possible for Voice On The Web to exist. I had the opportunity to meet and listen to Matt at the recent Las Vegas WordCamp on the occasion of his 25th birthday. He is certainly one of today’s Social Media gurus through the leadership he has provided resulting in the evolution of the WordPress ecosystem. But he has one major goal this year: Please spell it “WordPress” and use the correct logo. And thanks to Lorelle VanFossen, Chief WordPress Evangelist (she’s neither a WordPress nor Automattic employee) for her assistance in advising me about setting up a WordPress site; if you are using WordPress you need to follow her website.


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